Design Engineer

30 Aug 2018, Romania

Consultant: Alexandru Poetar

Our client is an international leader in aircraft industry - production of aircraft structure and assemblies.



  • Reports to the head of engineering on project progress and highlighting any key issues
  • Ensures that their design activities are performed correctly
  • Compiles and presents for review design solutions
  • Including models and drawings, pertaining to the design, modification and certification of aircraft structure 
  • Support reviews of design activities to determine compliance to requirements



  • Minimum 5 years of experience in aircraft industry – production of aircraft structure and assemblies
  • Background experience within a project team and understanding of the development of technical documentation
  • Engineering Degree in Mechanical Design or any related CAD engineering field
  • Good English skills
  • Able to undertake and the design, modification of aircraft structure, from detail component through to assembly and installation


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