FPGA Engineer, Location: Cluj-Napoca

17 Iul 2023, Location: Cluj-Napoca

Consultant: Sales Consulting


• HDL designs on commonly available FPGA evaluation platforms, demonstration systems;
• Support the hardware/software team in system-level testing, debugging, and troubleshooting;
• Design documentation, application notes, How-To guides, and technical articles;
• Provide customer support through the ADI Engineer Zone forum, and assist in technical training for field personnel and customers.


• BS/MS degree in EE or ECE or equivalent relevant experience;
• Digital design (VHDL/Verilog) skills with relevant working experience;
• Experience with hardware, HDL, and software debugging/troubleshooting;
• Knowledge of embedded systems, processors such as ARM, Microblaze, and NIOS;
• Familiarity with software (Linux, bare-metal) is required;
• Familiarity with Xilinx/Intel devices and tools;
• Knowledge of analog, linear, and mixed-signal circuit fundamentals and devices;
• Exposure to electronics measurement equipment including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, multimeters;
• Knowledge of scripting languages (Perl/Tcl) and shell scripts;
• Can work independently and in a team to develop innovative solutions.