Senior Database Engineer, location: remote

04 Iul 2023, Remote

Consultant: Sales Consulting

▪ Create and maintain complex SQL scripts, SPs and UDFs.
▪ In-depth knowledge of referential integrity constraints and indexing
▪ Ability to understand and enhance complex database models
▪ Model / Design new database solutions to new problems including: application support,
scalability, redundancy and replicability
▪ Follow (and, if necessary, refine) in-house coding standards
▪ Troubleshoot/bug-fix SQL
▪ Performance optimization of SQL
▪ Database administration
▪ Applications Support
▪ Maintaining bespoke applications / data warehouse
▪ Analyzing different user requirements and coming up with specifications for the various
database applications
▪ Support application development with database design and implementation
▪ Able to manage all the stages of software development
▪ Use database code repositories for change management
▪ Profile server resource usage and optimize as necessary
▪ Assist in Compliance efforts to include, reporting, auditing and implementation.

▪ 5-6 years in SQL Server based application development
▪ Database table design
▪ Understand and build constraints, indexes
▪ Strong skills to write views, stored procedures, triggers and functions
▪ Ability to function well in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with competing priorities
▪ Ability to build strong working relationships across the organization
▪ Eager to learn and apply knowledge
▪ Strong communications, both written and verbal, in leading teams and coordinating with peers
and other disciplines on driving projects/issues to closure.
▪ Commitment to organizational excellence and constant awareness to seek opportunities to
improve processes/quality of deliverables.
▪ Strong and effective team player in working with various disciplines and peer groups
▪ Minimum of 6 years of solid relational database experience
▪ Minimum of 3 years working with MS SQL Server
▪ Primary database: MS SQL Server, work with Oracle Database a plus