Economist, Location: Constanta

17 Iul 2023, Location: Constanta

Consultant: Sales Consulting


— Carries out and records banking operations in the accounts correctly and promptly, in conditions of efficiency and productivity, and compliance with the procedures in force within the Finance Department and the legal provisions in force.
— Follows up on due dates respecting contractual clauses and other legal requirements to make correct payments.
— Prepares/completes and correctly executes all documents related to the Company's banking operations - deposits, withdrawals, payment orders, external payment justifications, as well as any other processes related to the collaboration with banks.
— He is the liaison person in the relationship with the Company's collaborating banks, performing his activity in such a way that the clauses of the contracts concluded with them are respected and contribute to the Company's reputation and image growth.
— He/she carries out correctly the operations of recording bank statements in conditions of efficiency and productivity in compliance with the procedures and policies in force within the Company.
— Performs correct recording of receipts and payments in the system, and prepares payments to the Company's suppliers.
— Carries out processing payments, invoices, etc. to suppliers, employees, etc. of the Company by the deadlines set out in the contracts and Company procedures and policies.
— Prepares payment files according to deadlines and enters payment orders into the online payment system.
— Ensures the correct recording of invoices received from suppliers in the accounting system.
— Carries out the correct recording of transactions with suppliers of tangible fixed assets, based on supporting documents, and checks the supporting documents for the purchase.
— Ensures the correct recording of depreciation of fixed assets.He keeps records and checks the taxation of the revaluation reserve based on the accounting depreciation, calculates the tax value and tax depreciation of revalued fixed assets, and keeps analytical records of the revaluation reserve.
— It follows up carefully and regularly on investments and fixed assets in progress until they are put into service.
— Correctly record in the accounting system the expenses in advance and prepare the corresponding reconciliation file.
— Performs monthly reconciliation of treasury accounts.
— Prepares monthly reconciliation files (suppliers-debtors, sundry debtors, sundry creditors, etc.).
— Performs balance confirmations and supplier reconciliations.
— Prepare accurate and efficient reports to the NBR.
— Prepare reports on the Company's activity as well as statistics requested by the line manager.
— May send standard letters in response to various customer or supplier issues in a polite manner to contribute to enhancing the Company's reputation and image.
— Prepares various analyses and information requested by the Company management.
— Provides support in any other matter within the Finance Department upon request.
— Provides support to other departments in the organization to resolve their requirements related to the financial process promptly.
— Liaise with third parties/collaborators/banks/banking institutions/colleges in other departments.


— Experience in economics - minimum 3 years.
— Knowledge of Oracle ERP or Oracle Fusion may be considered a plus.
— Higher education in economics.
— Advanced knowledge of accounting and tax legislation.
— Economic, commercial, financial knowledge, economic analysis.
— Knowledge of IFRS
— Solid knowledge of PC operation i.e. Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
— Advanced knowledge of English.
— Analytical thinking, analysis, and synthesis skills.
— Observation, attention to detail, distributive attention.
— Professionalism, integrity, and ability to work without direction.
— Responsibility, politeness, organization, order, fairness, and reliability.
— Ability to learn new things.
— Willingness to build sustainable relationships.