DATA SCIENTIST, Location: Bucharest

23 Apr 2019, Bucuresti

Consultant: Elena Dina

Our client is a retail network of supermarkets located in Romania, with around 800 proximity stores in all counties (as of 2018). It operates units in the Standard, City and Loco formats to meet city and countryside circumstances alike and sell a range of more than 5,000 products, both food and non-food.


- Collect business requirements/ understand business user needs/ understand business problems;
- Understand data model, acquire data;
- Develop business problem-driven analytical model;
- Prepare data files for analysis, independently or working with Data Engineer;
- Define variables or objective functions, explanatory or decision variables, constraints;
- Define success measures;
- Select predictive or optimization methods;
- Estimate and select models;
- Validate models (analytical and business validation);
- Iterative model improvement, working with business users;
- Provide business interpretation of models;
- Communicate model with business user;
- Recommend business decisions;
- Automate analytical processes;
- Generate reports, alerts or other data results.

- English, intermediate level;
- Higher education (B.A. or preferably M.A. degree) in IT, statistics, big data, analytics, mathematics, engineering or equal combination;
- 1-3 years of experience as a statistician/ data scientist, with good knowledge of econometrics, predictive modeling and machine learning;
- Knowledge of R, SQL;
- Good data analytical skills;
- Knowledge of optimization methods;
- Communicative skills;
- Team working skills.