Market Mapping

What is the HR market mapping process?

The process of market mapping is a HR service consisting in mapping the market in order to get various information to help creating the basis for the management strategies within different companies. The information can be: candidates identified on certain position profiles, time needed for identifying and afterwards hiring the candidates, their salary expectations, reasons leading to a professional change etc.

Why market mapping? 

  • Proactivity in the recruitment process
  • Pool of valid candidates for a certain profile
  • Complex and detailed information on the HR market (on a certain profile)
  • Designing the business strategy of the company depending on the market and the valid human resources
  • Decisions to start or develop the business depending on the pool of valid candidates

Which are the stages of the market mapping process? 

1. Market research and pre – screening
2. Selection of candidates
3. Shortlist interviewing by the client
4. Candidates employment