Personnel leasing

What is the personnel leasing?

Personnel leasing is a HR service representing in essence the leasing of workforce on determined periods, as long as the employer needs it. In the last years, the personnel leasing has become an increasingly  common practice in Romania, reason for which some of the human resources companies chose to focus more than a half of their activity on this service. Following the trend, this service has become an important one for Sales Consulting, too.

Leasing requires that all the responsibilities of legal employer, covering the management of the individual work agreements, employees payment, taxes, as well as complying with the legislation in this field are performed by the Agent of temporary work - Know Team SRL, company which is part of our group of companies and operates under license CJ no. 0002 from 14.02.2010 issued by the Ministry of Work, Family and Social Protection.

The employer has the possibility to decide the period for which he opts for this service.  This period can start from several days or a week and can reach to a maximum of 36 months.

Some of our clients, who chose us as a partner for this service:

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