Due Diligence

What is the HR Due Diligence service?

The HR due diligence service requires a thorough analysis of a region or even an industry, from the HR point of view, in order to identify the potential of a new investment in that specific area or industry.  

Depending on the information obtained, a company or an investor can decide to invest or not in that specific region. In the process of analysis, various aspects are taken into consideration: market dynamics, existing companies in the area of interest, potential investors, potential of the human resources, level of the existing salaries, structure of the benefits and compensation packages etc.

Why Due Diligence?

  • Facilitation of decision to maintain and/or develop business depending on the pool of valid candidates
  • Obtaining complex and detailed information about the HR market (on a certain profile)
  • Designing the business strategy of the company, depending on the market and the valid human resources 

Which are the stages of the Due Diligence process?

  • General presentation of the market in the analysed area
  • Presentation of candidates pool in the target area
  • Information regarding salary levels
  • Structure of the compensation and benefits packages