QA Engineer, location: Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi

18 Sep 2023, Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi

Consultant: Sales Consulting


 Be accountable for moderately complex products as the primary automation QA;
 Review development stories and help define and document the right test criteria and cases;
 Work with product or project managers to establish timing and ensure timely completion of QA
 Execute, and maintain manual tests and tests data;
 Communicate with developers and product managers on specific issues;
 Analyze and debug issues and collaborate with developers to ensure root cause is identified;
 Provide input into prioritization and resolution of issues;

 Document test results with all necessary detail;
 Maintain QA guidelines and process documentation;
 Provide input into and help implement improved or more efficient QA processes;
 Work in close collaboration with product, developers, and other QA members to produce high quality
products and release on time;
 Deploy and troubleshoot local, sandbox, and/or CI/CD environments to enable testing;
 Maintain testing framework(s) as needed;
 Automate back-end, API, front-end, and other test cases in a complex multi-product, multi-services
environment using tools such as Selenium Protractor or by writing code in our inhouse testing
 Create tools to run automated tests at pre-set times automatically or at code merge;
 Create reporting for automated test results;
 Note: This role entails a mix of manual and automation work, with manual being the minority (10%30%).


 Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field;
 Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
 Strong problem solving and root cause analysis skills;
 Demonstrable proficiency with a modern programming language, for example, JavaScript (preferred),
Java, Typescript, Python, C++, etc.
Nice to have:
 Selenium Protractor Experience;
 Ability and willingness to look into code bases outside one’s direct responsibility to identify potential
failure points;
 Demonstrable experience with the Agile methodology and frequent releases;
 Demonstrable experience in multi-platform testing (desktop, tablet, mobile) and multi-browser testing;
 Demonstrable experience with quality assurance metrics and reporting;
 Hands on experience in automated testing and framework creation;
 Familiarity with CI/CD concepts and best practices including build and source control automation tools
Jenkins and Git;
 Demonstrable proficiency with SQL queries;
 Minimum 2 years’ QA or developer experience on web applications in multi-application production
 Hands-on experience writing, running, and maintaining automated tests;
 Demonstrable experience with at least one form of testing, for example, regression testing, ad hoc
testing, feature testing, security testing, user interface testing, integration testing, performance testing,
and/or user acceptance testing, etc.