R&D TEAM LEADER, Location: Cluj-Napoca

15 Ian 2018, Cluj-Napoca

Consultant: Somesan Oana

Our client is a worldwide operating company, located in the Netherlands and Romania, Cluj-Napoca, specialized in switched mode power supplies, higher level power solutions and special coils.


Main responsibilities:

  • Implement chosen technical concepts and development strategy (completing of program demands, determine development programs, and agree with R&D manager for the priorities for the programs).
  • Securing of development process by adequate command and control measures, and determine and measure simple KPI’s for the team members.
  • External representative and presenting R&D activities of the company.
  • Optimal use of the resources within your team by planning and controlling.
  • Conducting the HR policy of company within your own department.
  • Instructing and safeguarding all team members on respecting safety regulations (clothes, procedures etc.).
  • Provide training, education and qualification of employees in consult with R&D manager.



  • Experience in people coordination is mandatory
  • Experience of 3-5 years of relevant experience in electrical area or related
  • Strong technical skills
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Excellent command of English in writing and speech required
  • Good communication skills; decision making; results oriented


*All applicants will be saved in our internal databases. Only eligible candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest!