Embedded Software Team Leader; location: Cluj-Napoca

21 Dec 2020,

Consultant: Daniela Delu


  •  Technical leadership of a new team in the field of embedded software & electronics for automotive control units.
  •  Execution of coordinative tasks and technical project collaboration.
  •  Management of development with regard to content, budget, deadline and quality.
  •  Responsibility for resource planning and competence development of the team.
  •  Support with recruiting activities to build up/expand the team.
  •  Cooperation in the preparation of offers as well as customer acquisition and support of our existing customers.
  •  Representation of the team and all project topics towards our customers and suppliers.
  •  Design and develop novel automotive embedded software with your team.



  •  Successfully completed studies in the field of electrical engineering, computer science, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering or a comparable technical course of study.
  •  Proactive approach and high level of initiative/independence.
  •  Empathy and joy in dealing with people.
  •  Convincing communication in English, in German is a plus .
  •  Initial professional management experience is desirable.


Thank you for your time! For more information regarding this position, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Daniela Delu
Recruitment Specialist
0758 22 51 00

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