C++ Senior Developer, Location: Cluj-Napoca

17 Dec 2020, Cluj-Napoca

Consultant: Gheorghe Marchitan

The Candidate will have the necessary skills to cover the following development activity requested by our client: embedded HMI implementation for Automotive Industry.

She/He will have to develop all assigned Business Logic modules, using C++ language programing, following all the provided templates and rules defined for the HMI team.

Integrating, Testing and preliminary validation activities may also be required.

The candidate must provide evidence related to the specific experience in this field.


Minimum Main Qualifications (Must have):

-          C++ professional and high quality Programming; Skilled person, with deep experience; ready to go!

-          Object Oriented programming know how

-          Experience in multi thread/multi process development

-          Familiarity with Misra coding rules and software versioning management systems (GIT, SVN).

-          Used any Inter Process Communication, like D-Bus and (nice to have) VMOST

-          Basic knowledge of UML (Unified Modeling Language, e.g. Enterprise Architect)

-          Good knowledge of tracking tools, like Atlassian/Jira

-          Familiar with Agile/Scrum methodologies


Preferred Qualifications (Nice to have not a must):

-          Good programming knowledge with C#, Java in addition to C++

-          Used IPC: D-Bus and (nice to have) VMOST

-          Experience in automotive embedded systems software development

-          Experience in Linux and/or Android

-          Knowledge of DBMS and SQL


*All applicants will be saved in our internal databases. Only eligible candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest!